Rules & Regulations

1. Punctuality & Leave related

  1. Punctuality: Student should be punctual & regular in their attendance. No Student more than 15mins late will be admitted to class without permission of the Head of the school.
  2. Sudden Leave: No leave of absence is ordinarily granted except on a written request made by the father or the guardian. Such absence must be for a weighty reason.
  3. Advance Leave: The request for leave must be made at least three days in advance. The leave request may be granted or refused by the Head of the school or the class teacher at their sole discretion.
  4. Long Leave/Long absence: Ten class days of continuous absence from school without written intimation will make a student’s name liable to be struck off the roll. A Medical certificate must be submitted if the absence is for more than five days for reasons of Health.
  5. Early Departure on normal school days: Early departure of student from school during school sessions is not usually permitted. Any request for early departure must clearly mention the reason.

2. Conduct

  1. A student failing to obtain promotion for two years in succession, for any reason, mayl have to leave the school unless the Head of the school permits the student to continue attending the classes.
  2. Students are responsible to the school authorities and in particular to the head of the school for their conduct both in & outside the school. Irregular attendance, unjustified absence, Habitual idleness, disobedience, objectionable conduct will make student liable for punishment and even dismissal.
  3. Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings.
  4. Any damage done by a student to the school properties or school building shall have to make good by him as per the directive of the Head of the school.
  5. All students must equip themselves with a complete outfit of everything that is necessary for their studies.
  6. No books or publications, CDs, Cassettes other than text or library books or sanctioned items shall be brought to school. If any such items found in possession of any student, it will be suitably dealt with.
  7. No meeting, demonstration, party, collection of money will be allowed without permission from the class teacher or the head of the school. Any violation will be dealt with strictly.
  8. No outsider / Parent / Guardian will be allowed to meet the student or the teacher during class hours unless permitted by the Head of the school.
  9. All Student must do home work or projects as directed by the teachers.
  10. Any change of Address of the student must be immediately intimated to the school authorities in writing.
  11. Private tuitions are not encouraged.
  12. Guardians are expected to follow the progress of the student through progress reports, teacher’s remarks and ensure the reports are signed.
  13. Breach of school conduct & discipline by any student will be dealt very strictly by the Head of the school or the class teacher as may be deemed fit.

3. Attention of Guardians are drawn to following Grant-In Aid Code

  1. Strict regularity and implicit obedience must be maintained in class.
  2. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct even outside of the institution should be punished.
  3. Parents must be given to understand that they cannot dictate to the authorities but authorities have a right to say under what condition they will admit or retain pupil in their institution.
  4. Politeness, courtesy of speech and conduct should be included as well as cleanliness of dress and persons.
  5. No child suffering from contagious or infectious disease shall be permitted to attend the regular classes.

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